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Chiang Mai has a large foreign community, people from all over the world—France, Germany, England, Japan, Korea, Australia, Canada, and the United States of American—who are working and living in this great city.

Both trained and untrained teachers are in demand at the city of Chiang Mai where the competition for work is less, compared to Bangkok. Many schools would accept teachers without a recognized certificate and often without a degree, but to secure a job at the more reputable and better paid schools the two qualifications are a must.

A Bachelors degree in any subject is considered basic criterion for recruitment in most of the private language schools. A TESOL certification further opens access to higher quality jobs.
To get a work permit, the Thai manpower department will also demand the proof of a degree (or equivalent), but in reality not many positions here offer full time contracts with work permit, preferring the convenience of a larger staff of part-time teachers. Most teachers here thus occupy several positions simultaneously.

Hints for landing an English teaching job in Chiang Mai
  • Look and act professional, arrive with all your documents ready, and be dressed for a possible immediate interview.

  • Thais are sticky about appearance, dress conservatively, wearing a tie or conservative skirt.

  • If you don't have a TEFL certificate, then show some proof of previous teaching experience.

  • Bring a CV (of relevant experience only), copy of your degree/tertiary diploma (this is considered a pre-requisite for permanent positions).

  • Be genuine with your intentions to stay in Chiang Mai for a reasonable time.

  • Be flexible, often openings are for part-time weekend staff.

  • While there are some fulltime positions, most are part-time and newcomers on the scene can expect to spend some time juggling part-time jobs while waiting for a fulltime one to become available.

The teachers on lookout for job are suggested to visit every language school in town and leave a copy of their CV with them, besides proactive campaigning of their job needs. Regular follow-up yields best result with the employers.

Thai culture is built on the principle of sanoook, or fun and woe betide the teacher who is deemed serious or labeled boring. Chiang Mai to any perspective teachers is an inspiring choice as Thai learners are enthusiastic and polite and a great introduction to a TEFL career.
Teaching Thai students is ideally fun and rewarding experience. Female teachers by the virtue of their controlling ability are preferred for younger students. The majority of students are teens, though some schools also have outside contracts for corporate evening work. Considerable command over Thai language comes handy while giving instruction and drilling. Ability to entertain is the best quality a teacher should have while working in Thailand, because students are prone to get bored very easily and seek for fun. It is necessary for the lessons to be interactive and game based. High educational results are impossible to reach without imposing the play conception.

A teacher’s role can vary from teaching elementary pupils colors and numbers to conducting debates on political issues with advanced students. However, the fun and enjoyment factor is constant across all the batches.
A full-time teaching position in the English Department of the Prince Royal’s College for instance, would ask for a Bachelor degree. The work week here is from Monday – Friday, 7:30 to 17:00, and occasionally a Saturday for a special activity. Teachers are supposed to teach between 16 to 22 contact hours per week with the remainder of the time split between office hours, meetings, tutoring, and training.

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