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If the intention is to stay in Phuket, independently, wealthy - enjoying the gorgeous beaches, the wonderful climate and laid back lifestyle, an English teaching position can assure you support and security. Although it isnít for everyone, teaching is a great way to stay in Phuket and many people find it to be highly rewarding in its own right. Therefore, it is most probable to find yourself in front of a black board at some point.

One ideally needs to be a native speaker or possess a near-native proficiency, have a bachelorís degree (or the equivalent) and either prior teaching experience or some sort of TEFL qualification to acquire a teaching position in Phuket.

Most teaching jobs involve about 20 hours of teaching per week, added with preparation for each lesson. Many teachers also give private lessons to earn extra cash. Teaching jobs are usually advertised through newspaper classifieds. One can also try approaching the schools directly. However, to much of the teacherís disappointment, most of the teaching jobs will be in Phuket City, and not near the beach, such as Patong. The best time to look for teaching jobs is during the low tourist season.

There are three main types of English teaching jobs in Phuket with their individual prospects and consequences Ė


  • The full-time jobs at Thai schools, either directly from the school or on contract from an outside company

  • The part-time jobs at language schools.

  • Private lessons

Teaching full-time at a Thai school is considerably the most professional and steady job option. Some Thai schools hire their own foreigner teachers directly, while others contract the position out to a language school such as ECC or Nava. The main advantage of working full-time at a school is the work permit, which allows you to remain in Thailand for the length of your contract without the expense and hassle of a visa run. The main disadvantage of full-time work on the other hand is the long hours required. Despite the actual teaching time being 18 to 20 hours a week, the school will generally require the teacherís presence on campus for the whole day, usually from 07:30 to 15:00. Also, many schools lack adequate resources and class sizes can sometimes be overwhelming.

Private lessons are another option for prospective teachers in Phuket. Full-time teachers often supplement their income with a few private students. Such lessons are much more informal than classroom teaching and many students will simply want a foreigner to practice communicating with. Private students are easily available in Phuket as a good command over communicative English is extensively desirable to the local people in order to enhance their earning potential.
Flyers and newspaper ads serve the purpose of attracting students. However, the best method is word of mouth.
The major disadvantage of teaching private students is dealing with last minute cancellations that lead to time being wasted. This can be handled by imposing rules like paying in advance, informing in ten hour blocks etc. Private lessons donít earn the teacher any official status, thus continuing the hassle of border-run every month unless there is some other way of acquiring a visa.

Splitting the difference between the long term commitment of full time work and the flexibility of private lessons are the private language schools. These language centres offer extra lessons to students who wish to improve their English. Most language schools have a fairly standard curriculum and offer good resources to help lessons. Classes are usually small (3 to 10 students) and most students are pre-teens or teenagers. Language schools donít require a large time commitment but they do expect their teachers to dress smartly and be prepared. The major drawback of language centres is that they require professionalism but rarely offer visa assistance. Also language centres are a business first and may put profits ahead of standards.

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